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My Magical Robo Mermaid by Zuru

Posted on August 05, 2014 by Lubica Misevski

My Magical Mermaids have finally arrived in Australia. Each and every one of them is beautiful. There is Corissa, Pearl, and Shelley. Your daughter’s gentle touch brings these beautiful mermaids into life.

Magical Robo Mermaids are one of the most exciting toys to hit the market. Which little girl does not dream of being a mermaid, sure there could be a few, but we do not know any including our daughter.

These wonderful little Mermaids made by Zuru have to be seen to be believed. Wether Corissa, Pearl, or Shelley, they all spring to life with the gentlest little touch. A removable ring controls their swimming pattern. Corrissa, Pearl, and Shelley can swim gracefully up or down, or do the backstroke :).

They all have water pressure sensors and become alive once placed in water. They are magical whether it is day or night, as the glow in the night as well. We have no doubt that your daughter will love the Zuru Magical Mermaid.

Of course, the question we always need to ask ourselves is what benefit will it bring your child. As without a benefit it is just a toy, and let’s face it there are too many just “toys” on the market.

Corissa, Pearl, or Shelley teach your child about nature and hopefully instil a love of the outdoors. Being nature smart encourages the love of outdoors. Whilst Carissa, Pearl, or Shelley will swim in the fish tank :), or a bowl of water, it helps your little one imagine it is the Ocean or river.

Together you can create stories about their adventures, and the travels they have in the world. As they watch them swim, we are sure it will light up their little face.

All of the mermaids have a real, and graceful feel, and you can buy them each separately.

Also available now is Zuru My Magical Robo Mermaid Playset, which features Marina, an exclusive magical mermaid.

Marina comes with a beautiful underwater environment. The lights bright up the amazing underwater world, and she has a magical wand, to lift her out of the water.

Whether you buy the play set or the Mermaids individually, we know you will be happy, in fact we guarantee it. The Zuru Magical Robo Mermaids are just that, magical, and we are proud to stock them.

For the full range please click here, and we would love to hear about your experiences with this wonderful collection.


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