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The Best Wooden Toys For Your Children

Posted on July 23, 2015 by Lubica Misevski

If you would like to understand the benefits of buying wooden toys for your children? Or just understand the amazing collection that is on the market today, then this is the article for you.

At KidzInc, we love wooden toys, because well they just have that natural feeling that no other product on the market has. What you may not be aware of is just how far Wooden toys have come since the days we were playing with them as little ones. Those were the days, building towers knocking them over :)

One of the first of our collection that we would like to share with you is the Dynamo Dominoes from Hape. As you can see from the image below, these are not your ordinary dominoes. They are colourful and come with a bridge, rails, and spinner. The collection is a full set of 100 dominoes. They make for hours of fun, creating different paths, only to watch them tumble down.

There is no right or wrong answer; there is only creativity and fun. Wonderful for developing your child's fine motor skills, and cause and effect.

We are going to stick with the Hape brand for a second because they do make some of the coolest wooden toys on the market. This one we love, and while it is on the pricier side if you are looking for something special to add to your toy collection, this is it.

It is Hape Quadrilla the Challenger. This is simply an amazing toy as you can see below, where your child can build structures that marbles run down. Enabling them to bring their creations to life. Included are high-velocity funnels, curved rails, seesaw, accelerators, levelers and 50 marbles.

Wonderful for developing your child logic, reasoning, and imagination. Not to mention giving them endless amounts of fun.

Anyone for Croquet? This beautifully made little set from Hape is wonderful for child development. Developing their gross motor skills, maths skills, colour recognition, and social skills.

Now one for not for the land lovers. Hape Stormy Seas, a brilliant awards winning wooden toys game for children 3+. Your little one will need to use all of their strategy skills to keep this one from tipping over in the ocean.

Whilst our children would love to have one of each toy we sell in the house, we do not. However, we do have the little sister to the Hape Vibrant Guitar. The benefits of this one are obvious. They get to learn music, practice fine motor skills, and, of course, do family concerts.

Our daughter loves her ukulele, and we sure your little one would enjoy either equally depending on age.

For the artist in the family, or just as a learning and fun activity board this wooden easel from Hape is very versatile. Obviously painting, drawing, or writing with chalk are all possible. The wooden easel has compartments for everything, as well as the magnetic whiteboard. The whiteboard is great to stick letters, words, or numbers on and supplements as a teaching aid. It is of course also just good fun.

Height adjustable as well. Some of the best artwork in our home all started from a wooden easel.


But what about outdoors, well the Hape e-Off Roader is the perfect little wooden toy for this adventure.


Perhaps you are a fan of the game of thrones and after something a little more old world? When it comes to wooden toys, almost anything is possible. This fabulous little lionheart castle from Le Toy Van, with a drawbridge, turrets, pull-up portcullis, winch, ladder, and flags is a special toy. In terms of wooden toys, this should bring your little one our fun.

Great for role play and building imagination.


A winner of the right start best toys award is the Le Toy Van Mikes Auto Garage. It is a very retro, 1950’s wooden garage. Including a working up and down lift, Helipad for those getaways, two spiral ramps. The garage is mounted on a big race track, and should offer hours of fun for child and parents alike.

Now if your son or daughter likes Bob the Builder, then they are going to love this one. With Plantoys Robot Wooden Tool Box, they will fix the house in no time, and then moving on to build the very own cubby house. I can see it now.  

Brilliant for coordination, creative, fine motor skills as well as logic this wooden tool box will be a hit. Oh Yes, almost forgot, you can flip the whole set upside down and make a robot! What other wooden toys can you do that with?

The last of the wooden toys we would like to share with you today is the Tegu Future Magnetron Solar Station Magnetic Wooden Block Set. This is the future of wooden building sets. The 32 piece set has 14 unique shapes, a charging plug, magnetic wheels and a solar panel.

Your little one can build a magnet tank, junkyard crane, solar station, rock crane or whatever they can imagine. If you are new to Tegu, these little wooden blocks, are the type of quality of toy Steve Jobs would have built. Yes, they are that good. The whole range is wonderful, and you can click here to see them.

Magnetic wooden blocks, who would have thought?

That is it today for our collection on wooden toys. We hope you found this article useful. For our full range of wooden toys click here.

Or if you like the look of Hape click here, Tegu click here, Le Van Toys click here or PlanToys click here.

Of course, if you have questions, please let us know. Otherwise Happy playing..

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