5 Ways a STEM Education Benefits Your Child

5 Ways a STEM Education Benefits Your Child

Posted on August 30, 2017 by Lubica Misevski

5 Ways STEM Education Benefits Your Child

A STEM education--that is, a focus on hands-on education that allows kids to improve their knowledge of science, technology, engineering, and math skills--is becoming critical for parents who want their kids to have the best chance in the world.

From using toys like Magna Tiles or Playmags and Laser Pegs for creative play that encourages these skills to using GoldiebloxRoominate and IQ Key to stimulate development in these critical areas, many parents are jumping on board with STEM education.

Wondering what the benefits of a STEM education will be for your child? Consider these clear advantages.

1. A STEM education encourages creativity. It helps kids think outside the box, encouraging them to use innovation skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. STEM Education practices aren't just about dry, rote learning, though many schools that follow the practice get that reputation. Instead, it's about teaching kids the how and why, then giving them the pieces and allowing their creativity to shine. 

2. A STEM education provides a broader view of the world. Many students make it through school without understanding technology in any broader sense than computers and mobile phones. When they leave school, however, those same students are exposed to technology in a much more complicated sense. A STEM education, on the other hand, provides those students with the opportunity to experience those levels of technology earlier, better developing their understanding of the concepts that they'll face when they seek employment and giving them the opportunity to pursue deeper knowledge in fields that may later lead to employment. 

3. STEM education bridges the gaps. In many fields, girls and minorities lag behind white male students. There's a bias in place that suggests that students without those advantages of birth won't be as successful in those fields. A STEM education, on the other hand, bridges that gap. It provides every student with the opportunity to master the skills that will advance their education to the university level and beyond, providing them with valuable knowledge and understanding that will later be critical to acquiring jobs.

4. A variety of fields use the skills acquired through a STEM education. Writers will find that it's much easier to acquire freelance jobs when they're able to write about technical subjects, and even the fashion and makeup industries are looking for individuals with this kind of education to help improve their businesses. STEM skills are becoming increasingly valuable for everyone, regardless of their preferred profession, and many people are discovering that developing those skills during childhood makes it natural. Kids whose toys are their tools will fall in love with the learning process and enhance their own success.

5. It improves kids' chances of succeeding in University. Students who have received a STEM education are better able to handle the rigors of University, assimilate new information, and cope with their course loads. They're also more likely to have high scores on their HSC exams, securing them better scholarships or a place at the University of their dreams. In short, giving students a STEM education early sets them up for success throughout the educational process.

Providing your child with a STEM education, whether through their school or with the materials you're providing at home, is the ideal way to see your child become more successful.

A STEM education doesn't just teach students about information they're supposed to assimilate. It also provides them with all of the critical pieces they need to know how to learn: how to stay current in their fields, how to improve their understanding of unfamiliar technology, and how to integrate the pieces into a functional whole. 

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