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Brilliance in Building Blocks For Children

Posted on January 09, 2018 by Lubica Misevski


Building blocks are a staple of childhood play. And from creative challenges to problem solving skills, blocks provide the perfect opportunity for developmental growth in children as young as six months. As your child grows, so will their ability to build more elaborate and complicated structures. Blocks are the perfect educational toy, giving your youngster confidence as they conquer motor skills challenges and develop a keen sense of spatial awareness. When picking out block sets for your child, consider options that feature open-ended solutions and support success. Here are a few of our favourites.

Hape Dynamo Dominoes. Although labeled a domino set, this super-cool and colourful wooden block set can be used for creative building along with tear-down and domino fun. A Hape Dynamo Dominoes kit comes with a number of swinging contraptions that provide a dynamic transition between falling blocks or as a trigger for collapse. 

    Hape Dynamo Dominoes | KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toys

    Kapla PlanksKapla planks are remarkably simple uniform wooden blocks and yet this simplicity leads to complex designs. This is all thanks to their perfect ratio of 1 to 3 to 5. The shape allows children to create everything from elaborate buildings to organic wonders including spirals and spheres. A unique feature of Kapla Planks is the ability to craft large open-weave walls and towers. With enough Kapla Planks your child can truly stun you with their imagination. 

      Kapla 280 Wooden Block Planks | KidzInc Australia Online Toys



      Playmags. Perfect for budding architects, Playmags are beautiful and colourful translucent tiles with magnetic edges. These 2D geometric pieces come together to make 3D wonders that are both artistically and mathematically wondrous. Recently, this clever company added more structured sets that allow children to build wheeled creations such as this super cool magnetic car kit which, once completed, can be driven via remote control.

        Playmags 100 Piece Set Magnetic Tiles Australia | KidzInc

        SmartMax. Also a magnetic block company, SmartMax is especially appealing for younger builders thanks to their oversized and colourful pieces. This collection of bars and joints can be assembled by children as young a 1 years of age and the large components lead to large structures which is thrilling for youngsters that struggle with traditional block sets. SmartMax offers standard sets like this Build & Learn 100 Piece box as well as ball run kits and this new SmartMax Magnetic Discovery Basic Stunt 48 Piece set.


          Smartmax magnetic discovery build and learn xxl 100 piece | KidzInc Australia

          Squigz. The Fat Brain Toy Company hit the big time when they developed Squigz. Squigz aren't a traditional block but their unique bulbous rubber shape and suction cup action make them a great tool for creating organic structures and figures. Squigz constructions can be further used for imaginative play once completed as their flexible nature encourages movable action. And a truly ingenious benefit of Squigz is their ability to suction to tabletops for stability during the building process.

            Fat Brain Toys Squigz Australia | KidzInc Online Educational Toys

            TeguTegu blocks come in a vast array of collections from standard shapes to monster sets and Tegu has ingeniously embedded magnets into the wooden blocks where they can safely encourage attachment and allow for taller, more stable building projects. Tegu block sets are all interchangeable and come in beautiful colour schemes so you can build your child's collection over time.

              Tegu Sunset 42 Piece Set | KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toys

              Unit Bricks. The Unit Brick Mini Unit Bricks Architect Set is a stunning traditional wooden block set for architectural building. Featuring pillars and arches, builders will enjoy the resemblance of these pieces to classical design elements and the two-tone aspect of this set will further please aesthetically minded youngsters and lead to beautiful creations.


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