Deluxe Squigz: 50 Pieces of Creative Fun!

Deluxe Squigz: 50 Pieces of Creative Fun!

Posted on April 11, 2019 by Lubica Misevski

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When you're looking for a toy that will allow your child to engage in hours of creative play, there's nothing quite like the Deluxe Squigz set to make that happen. Deluxe Squigz contains 50 pieces to allow for plenty of sticking, popping, construction fun. From building fine motor skills to teaching about cause and effect, Squigz offer hours of brain-building fun for children age three and up. 

How Do They Work?

Squigz are little pieces of silicone that are designed to accomplish big things. Each end of a Squigz piece has a suction cup. The suction cup can stick to other Squigz or to any non-porous surface, making them the perfect choice for building toys. They can be arranged together in a wide variety of creative designs, which is sure to bring a creative spark to the eyes of the child in your life. 

Teach Cause and Effect

These Deluxe Squigz are designed to be large enough for little hands to hold, making them the perfect option for teaching about cause and effect as little hands grasp and manipulate the pieces. Push the Squigz piece down, and it sticks to the surface. Pull it, and it comes away with a satisfying POP! that will be sure to lead to squeals of delight from your little one. As they manipulate the Squigz and stick them together in a variety of creative ways, little ones will discover plenty of fun and excitement. 

Hours of Creative Play

Squigz are designed to stick together on all of their ends, which means an endless combination of creative structures that can be made from these fun little toys. Each individual piece is relatively small, but they can come together to create fascinating structures. Use a single Deluxe Squigz kit that comes with 50 little pieces for your little one to connect together or, as they get older and build more elaborate structures, put together bigger kids that will allow for increased creativity. You might even find that older members of the household get sucked into this incredible range of creative play potential. 

Improve Fine Motor Skills

Squigz are the perfect size for little hands to grasp and manipulate. Since they fit together in a wide range of fun and exciting ways, Squigz will allow kids to build their fine motor skills without ever realising that they're working on a needed skill. Sticking Squigz to a non-porous surface is relatively easy, making it a great activity for kids who are still mastering those vital skills. As their fine motor skills improve, children will continue to build and manipulate with these fascinating toys, improving their capability and having more fun at the same time!

Build Visual Spatial Skills

How do these two pieces connect together? What will connecting these pieces accomplish? As your child manipulates their Squigz to create increasingly complicated structures, they'll also improve their visual-spatial skills and develop a better understanding of how different pieces can come together to create a fascinating whole. The more they build, the more they'll understand, until your child is producing creative structures that you aren't sure you could have put together. 

Squigz are designed to be the perfect size for children three and up--and "up" can include up to adult age as you discover just how much fun these little toys can be! For hours of suction cup building and fun that can be explored, pulled apart, and put back together again as many times as your child would like, there's nothing quite like this Deluxe Squigz building kit to encourage creativity and let your child learn more about their world and what they can accomplish.

You can purchase the Deluxe Squigz from Fat Brain Toys here.

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