Dimpl: The Original Sensory Popping Toy by Fat Brain Toy Co

Dimpl: The Original Sensory Popping Toy by Fat Brain Toy Co

Posted on July 28, 2021 by Lubica Misevski


Dimpl by Fatbrain Toys. There is something inherently satisfying about popping a half-bubble inside-out. We've all played with some version of the toy.

Kids cannot resist these beautiful buttons. They are fun, fascinating and impossible to put down.

Encouraging fine motor skills, the vibrant silicone bubbles are built safely and almost impossible to put down. Their little fingers can't resist! They are the perfect sensory adventure, brilliantly fun and fascinating.

Popper sensory toys teach a variety of early childhood development skills. They are the inside-out fidget toys you can swap over and over again. We love this tactile, inside-out, bouncy action whether we're six months old or centenarians. Sensory exploration, fine motor control, pincer grip, and hand-eye coordination all come in to play with popper toys.

Few parents, kids, and toy enthusiasts know that Fat Brain Toys did the Dimpl craze of popping toys first.

The Dimpl line of toys includes sensory toys for your earliest infant to fidget poppers you'll see hanging off teen backpacks and in professional desk drawers. Starting with a simple bubble popper, Fat Brain Toys responded to popular demand by developing a set of toys that multi-generation families can enjoy together.

Love to pop? Have a baby in the family learning sensory joys? Dive into the complete Dimpl collection.

The silicon bubbles are in varying sizes, BPA free, and have a sturdy abs plastic frame; the simple delight of poking these beautifully designed push and pop buttons is endless fun. Simple yet oddly brilliant fun for almost anyone.

Dimpl Sensory Toys for Babies

The Dimpl popper toys are, at their core, sensory toy. No matter how old the player, dimples are fun to press and pop. Babies learn the joy of popping with their first popper toys. Fat Brain Toys has a great set of Dimpl toys made for babies and early toddlers. These offer sensory exploration and the development of basic motor skills and the control pincer-grip used to hold a bubble from both sides.

Dimpl Stack

A fun stack of colourful bubble cups with a popper upgrade. The bottom of each Dimpl Stack cup is a Dimpl button, encouraging babies to explore balance and pressure in addition to colour and size when stacking. Popper stacking cups add a new element of early science learning for infants. Stacking cups are also a fun toy for babies through the stacking milestones of early toddler development.

Dimpl Wobbl Baby Toy

The perfect teething toy for floor play, these Wobbl toys are a natural application of the Fat Brain approach to toys. The top of each colourful toy is a Dimpl sensory teething ring, while the bottom is a weighted wobbl base. Your baby can happily teethe on and play with the top toy and bat at the wobbl - all while keeping their teething toy surface off the ground.

The Original Dimpl Sensory Flower

Sensory boards are a fantastic way to nurture early childhood development for babies and toddlers. The Dimpl sensory board is shaped like a colourful flower of sensory pop-buttons in different sizes for your infant to explore.

Dimpl Toys to Learn Colours and Shapes

As your toddler starts to learn early lessons from their toys, Dimpl is there to make those lessons sensorily satisfying and fun. The toy line has two great bubble boards designed to teach colours and shapes.

Baby's First Dimpl Digits Colour Wheel

Your baby's first colour wheel can be a sensory board, too! The Dimpl Digits colour wheel is a circle of colour wedges with the colour names embossed on the colours. At the end of each wedge is a same-coloured pop bubble to play with.

Dimpl Duo Shapes and Colours Board

The Dimpl Duo board teaches your toddler colours and shapes. Starting in a soft-cornered rectangle of six popper buttons, each button has a shape that changes how the button presses, with the shape's name above the button. Each shape also has its colour to practice colour learning.

Dimpl Toys for Games and All-Ages

Of course, sensory toys are fun for all ages. Fat Brain Toys didn't leave out the older kids in their fun Dimpl line. There are game boards and fidget toys the whole family can enjoy for older kids, adults, students, and grandparents.

Simpl Dimpl Fidget Popper

The Simpl Dimpl is a two-bubble fidget spinner keychain. The classic fidgeter is a great sensory toy that makes no sound and doesn't need a desk to spin on. Palm the keychain and enjoy the casual pop of the colourful bubbles from one side to the other. The fidget poppers are ideal for grade school kids to grandparents who like to fidget.

Dimpl Pops 18-Bubble and 25-Bubble Boards

Want to invent games for bubble poppers? You can start with the Dimpl Pops boards. These boards come in two sizes, boards with a colourful grid of 18-bubbles and larger 25-bubble boards. The bubbles are a variety of colours and sizes arrayed roughly in a grid on a round-cornered board. It can be passed around a group or played solo. Invent your family games or even use them as an organizer.

Are you looking for a sensory toy for your infant or sensory fun for the whole family? Explore the original Dimpl line of bubble sensory toys by Fat Brain Toy Co at Kidzinc.

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