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The Best Educational Toys for Two-Year-Olds | KidzInc

Posted on October 11, 2021 by Mathew Slavica

Educational Toys for Two Year Olds

Your two-year-old has been focusing on learning about the world and is getting the hang of things. They can crawl, walk, reach, grab, and throw with proficiency. Two-year-olds are also getting very investigative.

The couch-diving and plug-pulling phase is really a desire to explore the spaces and STEM concepts around them.

For a two-year-old, the best kind of gift is one that helps them learn new fine motor and mental skills.

Two-year-olds want to practice thinking and doing for themselves. They also become more confident when they are encouraged to explore with discovery and educational toys.

Here are some of our favourite development inspiring gift toys for a 2-year old this holiday season.


Rolly Spiral Tower by Quercetti

Educational Toys for Two Year Olds - Spiral Tower

Nothing teaches two-year-olds about gravity, quite like the marble path. 

The Rolly Spiral Tower is your two-year-old's first marble tower, sized and designed to be toddle-safe. This toy teaches layers of sensory play and early STEM learning. 

The tower is made of easy stacking disks, each a different colour of the rainbow that stacks together into a marble track almost as tall as your toddler.

The marbles are clear, half-clear, and opaque plastic balls full of rattling sprinkles that are fun to shake, roll, and send down the tower.

Building a tower teaches fine motor and gross motor skills, controlling the marbles practices hand-eye coordination for two-year-olds, and the physics game inspires cognitive learning and first lessons on velocity and gravity working together.


My First Animal Train, Magnetic Discovery Set by Smartmax

Educational Toys for Two Year Olds - Magnetic Train

The train of animals has been a classic gift for toddlers for over a century. 

Carved wooden trains and circus animals have been teaching babies the names of animals and how pull-tracks work for almost as long as there have been trains. 

The My First Animal Train is a delightfully modern take on the original peg and hook train sets. 

Gift your two-year-old with this delightful 25-piece magnetic set of colourful train pieces and animals.

This toy is a fun introduction to the Smartmax magnetic building toys that will inspire STEM learning in young children year after year.

The My First Animal Train is an excellent choice if looking for a classic toy redesigned as a cognitive development puzzle. Outstanding for developing fine motor skills and pretend play. 

Topanifarm Stacking Blocks by Djeco

Educational Toys for Two Year Olds -

The Topanifarm Stacking Blocks are a fun twist on classic stacking blocks for two-year-olds who love to stack. Every block is a house for a different little toy animal.

The biggest block is a barn for the boar, then a dog house for the puppy, a house with a painted tree swing for the pig, an ivy-covered cat house for the kitty, a window house for the bunny, and a cute tiny hutch for the hen at the top.

Two-year-olds who enjoy playing with animals and having toy pets will love building special stacks of homes for their little Topanifarm animals.

Stacking the Topanifarm home blocks teaches fine and gross motor skills, and placing each animal will help children practice precise hand-eye coordination.

These toys will inspire hours of imaginary play and creative cognitive development. For a fun gift that will turn into endless animal stories, these little houses and animals are a great gift idea.

They are the most beautiful building blocks you will find and perfect for little hands from 18 months. We used these with our daughter ourselves.


Lockbasic Wooden Puzzle by Djeco

Educational Toys for Two Year Olds - Lock Basic

Two-year-olds often love to open things. They want to explore, unfasten, unravel, unplug and access everything. It's a natural part of their exploratory and scientific nature.

The Lockbasic Wooden Puzzle is a fun way to explore cognitive learning, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor control as children explore locks and latches.

Each of the three puzzle compartments has a different kind of latch and locking mechanism. One has a hook latch, one a turning key lock, and one has a simple bar latch.

Each compartment opens to a fun peek-a-boo animal that children can practice opening and closing to see.

This game not only teaches fine control and problem-solving, but it also teaches an important lesson about how to get through doors in places like parks and restaurants. 

Finding the perfect gift for a two-year-old in your life, whether you are a proud parent or a close family member or friend, is best when the toy inspires joy and learning.

The Lockbasic is a magical wooden toy and brilliant at building matching skills. These toys are sensory, encourage exploration, inspire STEM cognitive learning, and help toddlers master motor control.

All of the above toys are easy storage, and kids love them! They encourage imaginative play and developing skills at this critical learning age. If you are looking for our full collection of educational toys for two year olds, head here. 

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