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How to Pick Educational Toys for Three-Year-Olds

Posted on October 11, 2021 by Mathew Slavica

Educational Toys for 3 Year Olds

Three-year-olds are amazing to play and talk with. They are mastering language in their baby way and looking to explore their universe more completely. They are ready to take on the world and explore every corner from the biggest cloud to the tiniest bug past the terrible twos. Three-year-olds want to know why and how and to do it themselves. Your three-year-old is a bundle of energy and curiosity, and giving them gifts is just another opportunity to watch them discover something new.

We have tons of toy gift ideas for three year old because they are so ready to learn. Educational toys are the best kind of gift for any little explorer to help them dig deeper into the world around them in a safe yet inspiring way. Gift a three-year-old in your life with toys that empower them to build, explore, and find out for themselves through open-ended play.


Squigz by Fat Brain Toys

Educational Toys for Three Year Olds - Squigz


What's more fun than a barrel of monkeys? A barrel of bendy monkeys with suction-cup arms! Squigz set includes is a 36-piece bucket of creative fun. Each Squigz is a colourful silicone disc and multiple bendy suction-cup arms that stick together, pop apart and hang from any smooth, clean surface. Stack them, make them dance, and pose them on the bathroom mirror. Even the centres are suction cups!

Share your own Squigz memories with a new generation or discover the fun with your three-year-old. Every bucket comes with

  • Five green Blips,
  • Four yellow Veeps,
  • Two small pink Mimzys,
  • Two orange Forbert's,
  • Three light green Chazes,
  • Three blue Tripzops,
  • Three red Deans,
  • Five long pink Glipitys,
  • Five light blue Mips, and
  • Four purple Bubzles

Each colour has its own size, number of arms and arm length to make your three-year-old's constructions even more fun. Squiz teaches toddlers fine motor control and inspires construction, creativity, critical thinking, and fine hand-eye coordination to make complex shapes and stick them to smooth surfaces.

Genuinely, this is the kind of brain-teaser toy that everyone winds up playing with and sticking in unexpected places over a shared family holiday.


Balance Teeter Popper by Fat Brain Toys

Educational Toys for 3 Year Olds - Teeter Popper

Speaking of toys that take over the holiday, the Balance Teeter Popper is one of those sensory toys that toddlers love, and older kids have to try out while the babies are napping. The Balance Teeter Popper is a scoop-seat with rising handles on either side. Essentially, it's a teeter and balance toy. You can sit on it and wiggle or stand on it and 'surf', But the real fun is the poppers.

The bottom of the Teeter Popper is covered in suction cups that stick, pull, and let go with a pop as you teeter. This toy teaches balance and sensory feedback, as every degree of wobble comes with a pop on one side and a stick on the other. Children learn stability, strength, and gross motor control to start. Soon they will be strategizing ways to sit, stand, spin, and 'walk' the board. The only age limit is the size of the board.


Magicube Word Building by Geomag

Educational Toys for 3 Year Olds - Magic Cube

Three-year-olds are often just learning to spell and love puzzles that are also physical games. The coolest "board" game for toddlers today is the Magicube Word Building puzzle. These letter building blocks stack with magnets to form an architectural crossword puzzle. The game comes with 16 blocks and 63 tiles that can change the faces of your blocks. Inspire your three-year-old's cognitive, fine motor, and gross motor skills as they learn to build their first spelt words.

The word-building game is a fantastic way to encourage three-year-olds to make spelling part of their everyday play. Early reading, spontaneous spelling, and self-challenging become the foundation for academic success.


Dimple Pops Deluxe Board by Fat Brain Toys

Educational Toys for 3 Year Olds - Dimpl Pops


Sensory play is still essential for three-year-olds, but they require more complexity than younger toddlers. This makes the Dimple Pops Deluxe Board a great sensory toy to inspire imaginative play. Fine motor control and hand-eye coordination are only the beginning of what toddlers can learn from a Dimple board.

Dimple makes a line of products increasing in complexity, each featuring double-sided colourful dimples of various sizes and colours. Young children learn colours from sensory play, while older children will likely imagine surprising and creative games, unlocking their abstract thought with a larger multi-button Dimple board.


Geosafari Jr. Kidnoculars by Learning Resources

Educational Toys for 3 Year Olds - Kidnoculars

Let's not forget that three-year-olds are explorers at heart, and they love to pretend play. They love role-playing stories about dinosaurs, bugs, unusual plants, and outer space. It's great to empower your toddler to boldly explore the world around them, from the sky above to the carpet fibres below. The Kidnoculars are designed to give toddlers with early fine motor skills an easy way to look far away. These adjustment-free, extra-large binoculars can be fitted easily for an adventurous three-year-old to look at anything far away.

Binoculars can look at the night sky, at distant trees, across the yard, at cool stuff on car rides, and all the way into the kitchen. These are durable plastic and rubber material designed to be comfortable, easy to use, and immediately inspire an adventure as soon as they are unwrapped.

At KidzInc, we are dedicated to educational and STEM toys that develop their minds and natural skills and stock a wide range of three-year-old educational toys.

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