Splash Into Fun With The Drip Drip Bath Toy!

Splash Into Fun With The Drip Drip Bath Toy!

Posted on April 20, 2019 by Lubica Misevski

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Bath toys: they mould, they break, and they collect at the bottom of the bathtub. If the thought of another bath toy makes you batty, rest assured you are not alone! Fat Brain Toys understands the struggle and has worked tirelessly on designing a fun, hassle-free bath toy that kids will enjoy and parents will love. In comes Drip Drip Bath Toy! A revolutionary new water toy for little bathers, perfect for sparking their interest and teaching them cause and effect.

Gone are the days of broken sailboats and cracked water cups; Drip Drip Bath Toy is a colourful creation made of silicone and high-quality ABS plastic. Water cups sit snugly inside rings that attach to almost any bathtub surface, utilising strong suction cups to deter curious hands from pulling and tugging. In conjunction, their materials help keep the toy more durable than standard bath toys, allowing your little one to experience the joys for many bath times to come.

Drip Drip Bath Toy offers fun and simple lessons on cause and effect as well as visual-spatial relationships. Ask open-ended questions and keep the dialogue going. With a recommended age of 18 months and over, your toddler may not be able to respond quite yet but can process and understand to an extent the science of what is happening. Encourage and lead the way! What happens when you dump a lot of water? A tiny bit? Why does the propeller spin? With three unique cups dripping at various speeds and an attachable propellor, be amazed as your budding bathing beauty watches in wonder as she pours water through the funnels. Water can trickle, stream, spray, pour, and runneth over time and time again.

Not only does Drip Drip Bath Toy introduce science in a very toddler-appropriate way, but it also provides a wonderful sensory experience. The cups were especially (and brilliantly!) designed with different textures from cup to cup. Guide your toddler's hand to the bottom half of the cup and stimulate their senses as they feel bumps, ridges, and lines. Offer your child the toys before they become wet for a more in-depth sensory activity. How does the plastic feel when dry? Is it as slippery as when it's wet? Facilitate sensory activities over and over with the Drip Drip Bath Toy and watch your child become more engaged and excited to play. Want even more sensory fun? Drip Drip Bath Toy is crafted with food-grade silicone, perfect for teething tots! And because each part of the cup is one solid piece, you needn't worry about any part becoming a choking hazard. What another bath toy provides this much fun while being educational and safety-conscious?

In case you still aren't convinced that this is one bath toy you won't regret buying, the Drip Drip Bath Toy also comes with a mesh bag, perfect for drying and storing after bath time! Say goodbye to mould and mildew; the included bag promotes airflow so toys are thoroughly dried and ready for their next use. Should you find the toys aren't as clean as you'd like, Fat Brain Toys has even created it to be dishwasher safe. Throw the pieces in the top rack of your dishwasher, press start, and open when finished to reveal clean, sanitised toys at the push of a button. Could it be any easier?

Fat Brain Toys is paving the way in creating revolutionary toys that both capture children's attention while helping them exercise the necessary skills in a fun and straightforward way; something parents and kids alike love.

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