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Gifts for 8-Year Old Boys!

Posted on August 26, 2018 by Lubica Misevski

 Gifts for 8-year old boys


In today's article, we explore gifts for 8-year old boys. 8-year-old boys are inquisitive, curious, and they are still discovering their own identity and how they fit in within groups. They love to solve problems independently and exercise their imaginations when they play.

Encourage and stimulate the 8-year-old boy in your life with these fun and educational presents. These toys and games provide hours of fun, but they also help develop crucial developmental skills.

1.  ThinkFun Gravity Maze Game

The object of this game is to arrange towers and create a path for a marble to successfully travel to a target. It is a fun way to increase logical-reasoning and visual-perception skills. With 9 Building Towers, a Target tower, 3 Marbles, and 60 Challenge Cards, it’s like having a brand-new game every time he plays.

Mazes strengthen neural connections in the hippocampal area of the brain. This improves spatial memory skills and learning abilities. Spatial memory is used every time your 8-year-old needs to navigate through a house, remember where objects are placed, or analyze clues or landmarks to find the best way to get from one place to another.

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Game | KidzInc Australia | Educational Toy Shop

2. Discovery Kids Night Mission Goggles

These sturdy night-vision googles detect objects using heat, so your inquisitive boy can sneak through the dark and detect people, animals, computers, and other heat-generating items up to 6 meters away. The handy LED switch allows him to use directional beams of light to employ night vision.

These googles satisfy his penchant for role-playing as he pretends to be a spy or a SWAT-team member out to capture the bad guys in the dead of night. They enhance creativity, open-ended play, and executive-function skills.

Discovery Kids Night Mission Googles | KidzInc Australia

3. IQ Key Perfect 1000

IQ Key Perfect 1000 is the ideal system to introduce your 8-year-old to the amazing worlds of robotics and mechatronics. The kit includes over 200 parts as well as additional supporting pieces that all connect together to create 40 different models. After he finishes building his creation, he can even bring it to life with the electrically-powered capsule that transfers energy to all the attached parts through the connection pegs.

This kit helps him to develop his focus, fine-motor, and visual-processing skills. He will learn science and pre-engineering skills by implementing motors, gears, and power.

IQ Key Perfect 1000 | KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toys

4.  Wild! Science My First Disgusting Science Kit

What 8-year-old boy is not enthralled with disgusting science experiments? Boys love stinky farts and slimy snot, so present them with the amazing Disgusting Science Kit. They’ll learn important scientific-reasoning skills without even realizing how much they’re actually learning!

The kit comes with many items and an activity guide so your 8-year-old can learn about polymer chemistry, solid-liquid physics, magical non-newtonian effects. He’ll be able to make a fart putty, creeping sludge, joke soap, weird gases and more! 

Wild! Science My First Disgusting Science Kit | KidzInc Australia

5.  Zoob Glow Dinos 250-piece set

Immerse your boy in the fascinating world of Jurassic-era dinosaurs with the incredibly-fun 250-piece Glow Dinos set. Instead of creating immovable structures with square building blocks, your child will get to create several species of movable dinosaurs. This encourages him to play with his creations for hours after he builds them.

This set builds several brain-building skills such as logic and reasoning, spatial memory, as well as focus and observational skills. Get two sets so he can invite friends over. He’ll revel in the friendly competition to see who can build the best dinosaur!

Zoob Glow Dinos 250 Pieces | Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys at Kidzinc Australia 

6.  Littlebits Electronics Gizmos & Gadgets Kit

Give your 8-year-old a taste of what it’s like to be an inventor with the Electronics Gizmos & Gadgets Kit. With 63 pieces and a 24-page instructional book, he will never tire from inventing and re-inventing electrical machines.

Instructions are included for 12 different projects, including an automatic bubble blower and a remote-controlled race car. This kit will give him a strong foundation in geometry, mechanics, and logical reasoning.


7.  Blue Orange Games Gobblet

Gobblet is a quick-paced, space-saving strategy game. It’s similar to Tic-Tac-Toe, except that it’s much more fun and invokes strategy and memory skills. The object is simple: gobble up, line up 4 pieces in a row, and win.

This simple game packs a punch when it comes to increasing skills. The more your 8-year-old plays, the more he will improve his deductive logic, visualization, memory, and problem-solving abilities.

8.  Smart Games Temple Connection

Temple Connection is an engrossing solo-play game that works well at home or in the car. The object is to build roads and tunnels to link the temples. There are over 80 levels from beginner to expert, so this is one game that he’ll play over and over again.

Puzzle games like Temple Connection are great for improving memory, perceptual speed tasks, planning, problem-solving, and spatial insight.


9.  Circuit Scribe Basic Kit

Introduce your 8-year-old to the world of circuits with the Circuit Scribe Basic Kit. Instead of the old-fashioned circuit boards, your child will step into the future by drawing circuits using the included non-toxic, silver conductive ink pen. He’ll be able to write on any surface, just like a regular pen.

He can start by creating a simple circuit to learn about conductivity and then work up to creating a touch-sensitive circuit using the NPN transistor. It comes with 27 pages of easy-to-follow instructions. He will love creating, but you just may be preparing him to excel in a future hi-tech career!

10.  Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Mixed by Me Thinking Putty Kit

Delve into the exciting world of colours and putty with the Thinking Putty Kit. The kit contains 5 tins of Thinking Putty and 3 colour concentrates and 3 special effects so your child can create any combination he can imagine.

He will love playing with the finished product. He can bounce it, sculpt it, pop it, stretch it, and more. It makes a great party activity, as well.

11.  Mindtwister Pentagon Compact Game

Mindtwister’s Pentagon Compact Game is a compact, 2-player game that brings strategic thinking to a whole new level. The rules are simple: create a row of 5 marbles. Being able to do it is a bit tougher, though!

During gameplay, you get to twist one of the four game blocks as part of your move. This means the game is always dynamically changing. It sounds simple, but it incredibly fun and exciting as you work hard to outwit your opponent.


12.  Kapla 280 Wooden Block Planks Set

Kapla Wooden Blocks are unique because they are designed with a 1:3:5 size ratio, providing instant fun right out of the box. They come in an exquisitely sturdy wooden box with potential designs printed on it to inspire your 8-year-old’s creativity.

Building creations with these blocks help improve geometry, art, physics, and technology skills. They build focus, logical thinking, creativity, spatial awareness, and motor skills, too.

The 280 blocks come with an instructional book for extra guidance. Your 8-year-old will find an unlimited potential and endless possibilities to build creation after creation.

13.  Bucket-filling Books Have You Filled A Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness For Kids

This award-winning, 32-page picture book written by Carol McCloud teaches children how easy and rewarding it is to be kind, grateful, and loving by “filling buckets”. 

It conveys the idea that, by filling up others’ buckets, kids can fill up their own. Its positive message teaches that, even when they dip from someone else’s bucket, it’s not a permanent label. Rather, it’s simply a temporary negative behaviour that can be remedied with better decisions. This book makes a great affordable gift that every child needs.

14.  Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Liquid Glass

Crazy Aaron’s Liquid-Glass Thinking Putty is unlike other Thinking Putties. It’s smooth, transparent creation is so crystal-clear, your boy might think the tin is empty! It turns cloudy when handled, but after he puts it back in the tin, it will return to its crystal-clear state in no time.

This putty is small enough to take anywhere, and it’s a great way to keep your child’s hands busy and mind engaged. It is silicone-based and is completely non-toxic. It makes a great stress-reliever for those times when your child has to sit and wait in an office or for an appointment.

Toys are fun, but they’re even better when they help your child develop critical thinking, motor, and social skills. Surprise your 8-year-old boy with a few of these award-winning games and toys. He’ll be grateful, and you can rest assured knowing that you are helping him develop into the best kid he can be.

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