Hiding Hedgehogs: Fat Brain Toys' newest learning game!

Hiding Hedgehogs: Fat Brain Toys' newest learning game!

Posted on July 01, 2019 by Lubica Misevski


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Hiding Hedgehogs is the newest tactile learning game to come out of the minds of Fat Brain Toys! Perfect for your young child, this interactive game takes imagination and integrates child development, so your baby is learning while having the best time. Perfect for children ages 2-6, young children can enjoy playing with these cute toys all while developing their minds - what can be better than that!

What is it?

The colorful 4 piece game, includes hedgehogs of differentiating sizes - allowing for a stackable and rollable play experience. Each hedgehog is a vibrant, different colour that visually appeals to the child. All pieces also have zigzagging textures and varying faces to keep your child engaged with each hedgehog. This game doesn't stop with a stackable outcome, each piece also has rolling wheels to allow each hedgehog to connect and roll into a cute animal train. You can connect them big to small, nose to tail, whichever way your child sees fit! Hiding Hedgehogs game pieces are made highly durable and of quality material, so you can rest assured this toy will last after hours of play from your little one.   

The Science Behind the Hedgehogs

All baby knows when playing with the new Fat Brain Toy, is that they are having fun on their pretend adventure with a cute family of hedgehogs. What they don't know is that they are learning and growing their fine motor skills. Parents can feel great knowing their little one is developing sensory, tactile, and spatial reasoning. This is all going on consecutively as they are encouraging their child to play until their heart's content!   

Motor Skills and Young Children

Acquiring motor skills is just one part of your child's development. Fine motor skills are those that involve a refined use of the smaller muscle groups like the hand, fingers, and wrist. The evolution of these skills, a child is able to complete important tasks such as writing, independently feeding themselves, buttoning and zipping up clothes, and much more. Mastering fine motor skills are vital for a child's independence and growth. With our game, the more your child wants to play and explore with these adorable hedgehogs, the more precise their movements will be, and the more they will strengthen their muscles and coordination. Depending on a child's age, there are specific things that will intrigue your child and help aid in the development of their young minds.  

Tactile and Sensory Learning

A baby's first experiences in their surrounding environment occur through touch. Tactile learning expands on the central interface between our bodies and the world around us. When young children feel something, they gather multiple informative cues about the objects that are around them. In our Hiding Hedgehogs game, children are able to hold and feel the sizes and textures of each hedgehog, helping hem infer the differentiating sizes and weight of each critter, to better determine a way for them to stack or roll the toys. Understanding the importance of touch for long-term development with your child can help show how your baby may use their tactile experiences to develop more advanced learning skills.   While tactile learning helps teach your child about the environment around them, sensory learning includes any activity that stimulates your young child's senses. Sensory play is vital in shaping what children believe to be positive and safe in the brain. This ultimately shapes the choices children make and positively impacting their behavior. Exposing your child to sensory learning when they are young, usually leads to a better sense of learning and stimulating their senses: touch, smell, taste, movement, balance, hearing, and sight.

Fat Brain Toys - Hiding Hedgehogs

When your child is engaged in play with our Hiding Hedgehogs, they are using multiple senses to accomplish a task all while being stimulated. The more senses used to accomplish a task, the more your child will learn from the experience and retain more information for the future.   With our new game, your child is stacking the hedgehogs, they are building on their understanding of depth perception and hand-eye coordination. They are also feeling the sizes and weight of each piece to be able to visually distinguish which critter goes where. With the rollable concept for each hedgehog, your child's hearing senses will be intrigued, and their imagination on the places they could take their new hedgehog friends will grow by the minute! It is imperative that you learn how to integrate sensory learning into your child's life.

You can buy the Fat Brain Toys Hiding Hedgehogs learning game here.

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