Mini Squigz Hours of Creative, Brain-Building Fun For Kids 5 Years +

Mini Squigz: Hours of Creative, Brain-Building Fun

Posted on February 11, 2019 by Lubica Misevski


Fat Brain Toys presents Mini Squigz: a construction sensation that has the potential to offer hours of creative, brain-building fun. These exciting little suction cup toys are a miniature version of the original Squigz--and their miniature size means that they can go places and do things that the original version can't. At around 40% smaller than the original Squigz, Mini Squigz come with more pieces to a pack and offer the addition of a new shape and colours to help make suction cup construction even more fun. This fun little toy helps boost creative expression and encourages fine motor skills all at the same time. 

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Fine Motor Dexterity

Mini Squigz can be suctioned together or to hard, non-porous surfaces to create a stunning array of designs and fun. In order to manipulate them, however, it's necessary to have a certain level of fine motor dexterity. Manipulating them correctly will allow children to improve their fine motor skills and get better at accomplishing a wide range of tasks--and they'll have so much fun doing it that they'll never guess that it's a developmental help.

Visual-Spatial Skills

Learning how things fit together and how to manipulate them is a big step for many kids, and Mini Squigz are there to help them reach those goals! Each set of Mini Squigz can be manipulated in a wide range of ways, creating new shapes and patterns. The bright colours and fun shapes will allow kids freedom of creative expression and help improve their visual-spatial skills. What will your child create next? There's no telling where their creative efforts will take them. 


Creative design and problem-solving are critical parts of any child's life. You want to increase their creative problem-solving skills and encourage your child to think outside the box--and Mini Squigz are designed to do exactly that. They don't come with complicated instructions or figures that simply have to be followed; instead, they allow your child the freedom to explore their own designs and constructions, putting together incredible constructions that will have them giggling as they pop them apart and put them together again. 

Hours of Play

When you choose a toy for your child, you want something that will allow them to engage in hours of play, not something that they'll play for just a few minutes before running off to something else. With Mini Squigz, you'll get hours of creative play--and not just for little ones!  Mini Squigz are appropriate for your child beginning at 5 years old, but they'll allow plenty of creative expression for older children, too. This is one toy that may well stay in your arsenal, whether you're building fantastic, creative designs or throwing them at a glass door to see if they'll stick. (Hint: they will!) As your kids get older, their creations will get more fantastic, so that you may find yourself deciding that you need more Mini Squigz sets to allow for a wider range of creative expression. 

The Fat Brain Toys line has a number of fascinating toys that are designed to encourage brain development and fine motor skills in your child, and Mini Squigz are no exception. These little suction cup toys will encourage your kids to engage in hours of creative play, building new designs and popping them apart again as they explore the relationships between the pieces and how they work. If you're looking for a toy for your child that will allow them to put together plenty of fun designs, encourage visual spatial development, and increase their fine motor skills, Mini Squigz are sure to fit the bill. 

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