Exploring Musical Toys for Babies, Toddlers and Beyond

Exploring Musical Toys for Babies, Toddlers and Beyond

Posted on July 21, 2021 by Lubica Misevski

Musical Toys

Let's look at why musical toys are so crucial to early childhood development.

Babies notice and dance along to the music as soon as they can purposefully move their limbs. An infant can remember a melody long before they learn the meaning of words. 

It's even been proven that infants prefer the sing-song voices that parents use when talking to babies (we're not just cooing, we're singing to the baby). What this all reveals is that music is at the very heart of being a human.

Infants love music, remember melodies, and are attracted to new music as part of their natural curiosity. So it's no surprise that musical toys for babies are always a favourite in the nursery. 

The classic baby's xylophone and musical-tone toys speak more clearly to your infant and toddler than words. As little ones learn their first motor skills by grabbing, banging, and dropping, they can be learning their first musical skills a well.

Early Childhood Music and Later Success

Children who study and participate in music-making and use musical instruments when they are young tend to show clear academic advantages later in life. 

Learning beat and rhythm instils the basics of math. Playing an instrument builds fine motor skills, and playing together builds social and emotional skills. Music also connects to pneumonic learning and the physical benefits of dancing. But it all starts in the nursery.

Musical Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Music for babies and toddlers starts with the discovery of sounds. Just like finding out they have hands, infants are discovering every new thing as they put together their full understanding of the world. 

Exploring musical sounds is especially exciting, and many toddlers become music enthusiasts given instrument toys in the playroom. Which instrument toys are perfect for your baby or toddler? Let's explore some of our very favourites.

Shake Shake Shake the Animambo Wooden Set by Djeco

The best place for babies to start is something they can shake. Babies love to grab hold of an instrument that makes a noise, especially if the noise is musical. There's nothing like the look of infant delight when a rattle makes a new jingle, different from the last rattle.

The Animambo set by Djeco is the perfect shake, rattle, and roll set of musical toys for babies and toddlers alike. Enjoy this three-set of festive instruments, including a baby maraca, tambourine, and little wooden castanet, each beautifully painted on natural wood.

Hape's Pound and Tap Bench Develops With Your Baby

Children learn and grow so fast that the best toys are those that grow with your baby. The Pound and Tap Bench by Hape does precisely that. 

The toy begins as a xylophone at the bottom of a ball-hole fitting game. 

Then the pound-balls are dropped in each hole; it makes a different noise and then rolls musically down the xylophone for sound discovery play.

As your baby grows in creativity and motor skills, the xylophone can be pulled out of the pound-ball track and explored more fully with an adorable wooden mallet on the colourful track of notes.

Discover Sounds with the Multi-Stacking Music Set by Hape

Babies love sound discovery. It's why we equip them with various pots, pans, and Tupperware (and the classic wooden spoon) to discover all the different sounds that can be made. But you don't have to stop with household items. Hape has designed a beautiful sound exploratory set that goes beyond the home's pots and pans.

This six-piece box set includes a xylophone box, a drum box, a washboard box, a bell box, and more. The boxes can be stacked like blocks, and each one makes its own unique range of noises.

Music and Pet in One with the Musical Lili Lama by Manhattan Toy

Want a toy that's lovable and musical at the same time? Explore the adorable Musical Lili Llama by Manhattan Toy. 

This llama is several baby instruments in one cute, almost pet-like toy that your child can interact with, like a pretend animal friend or their favourite musical toy. 

The llama's chest has a fun spinner, its back is a 5-note xylophone, and its tail is a detachable maraca. Its ears can be pulled to use as mallets for the xylophone, and along the side are clicking gear spinners and a washboard surface. Lili is one musical llama.

If you are looking for the perfect musical toys or musical books for your baby (or a baby in the family)? Natural wood and baby xylophones are a beloved tradition that nurtures essential steps in early childhood development.

You can purchase a musical toy for your baby from 6 to 12 months and up from our carefully curated musical toys here

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