New from Fat Brain Toys: Don't Miss These Fresh New Learning Toys!

New from Fat Brain Toys: Don't Miss These Fresh New Learning Toys!

Posted on April 01, 2019 by Lubica Misevski


Kids learn best through play, so incorporating puzzles, toys and games can help with a variety of skills, from critical thinking to problem-solving and even social interaction. The skills your child picks up while playing imaginative games, interacting with new toys and exploring open-ended activities will serve them for years to come. Fat Brain Toys, one of our favourite educational brands, just released these new and exciting toys for 2019: 

Twissbits Wagon: Pull, roll and move with this sturdy wagon -- it's packed with fun things to explore. Kids under the age of two will love this piece and get some active practice developing both gross and fine motor skills. The fun characters can help develop grasping and manipulation -- two skills needed for learning to write with a pencil in just a few years. The entire wagon rolls, encouraging exploration and boosting physical abilities like balance and stability. We love the bright, whimsical colours and sweet characters, too!

Fat Brain Toys Twissbits Wagon | Kidzinc Australia | Online Educational Toys

Whirly Squigz: These clever silicon spinners stick (temporarily) to almost any surface and prompt exploration -- kids can't resist giving them a twirl and discovering how they work. The spinning is soothing and provides sensory input while the "cause and effect" of whirling the spinners provides cognitive interaction and helps develop critical thinking skills. The Whirly Squigz invite exploration and are tough to resist!

Splitting Image Brainteaser: Designed to trigger curiosity and to develop spatial reasoning skills, these puzzles get more difficult as your child progresses through dozens of levels. Each puzzle features an increasingly complex design that needs to be duplicated; Splitting Image is engaging for kids and adults and the challenge is irresistible. Kids can develop logic and reasoning skills that will be used in math and science for years to come. A quiet, solo game, the Splitting Image set can increase the ability to concentrate on a task and to work independently; kids get a sense of achievement as each level is completed. 

Fat Brain Toys Splitting Image Brainteaser Game | KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toys

They're not available just yet, but we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of these new learning toys from Fat Brain Toys around May 2019: 

Dimpl Duo: We're excited about this sensory exploration toy; it packs a lot of potential learning into one easily handled and explored piece. Let your little one learn about colour, shape, and texture as they explore this intriguing and appealing toy. Designed to be engaging for even young toddlers or babies, the Dimpl Duo can grow with your child; while they may first be intrigued by the colours, they can learn about shapes and other tactile elements over time. 

Fat Brain Toys Dimpl Duo | KidzInc Australia |  Online Educational Toys

Squigz 2.0: Part character toys, part STEM-based building blocks, and all fun! We loved the look and feel of these delightfully bright pieces -- and each one has its own unique style and personality. Your child will love exploring the shapes and building something clever with these simple and charming components. Each set comes with a full lineup of character options that are designed to enhance creativity and boost fine motor skills. Like all building blocks, the squigz help kids develop fine motor skills as they stack, balance and ultimately topple over their creations. These adorable creatures will entertain your little one and are ideal for kids of multiple ages to build with and play together, too. 

Fat Brain Toys Squigz 2.0 36 pieces | KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toys

Choosing toys that encourage exploration and imagination can help kids develop critical skill sets that will last a lifetime. We love the qualities that these pieces share, from the lively colours to the tactile and sensory components and inherit challenges they possess. Each of these toys helps your child develop in different ways and each is designed with durability and replay-ability in mind. 

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