Your Baby Learns and Plays with the Oombee Ball by Fat Brain Toys Aust

Your Baby Learns and Plays with the Oombee Ball by Fat Brain Toys Australia

Posted on July 20, 2019 by Lubica Misevski


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Fat Brain Toys has a great product to help your baby play and learn, even at the tender age of six months. The colourful and carefully textured Oombee Ball will keep your baby engaged, help develop basic motor skills, and introduce her/him to colours, textures, and spaces.

Read on to find out how to entertain and teach your baby with the Oombee Ball by Fat Brain Toys.

What is the Oombee Ball by Fat Brain Toys? 

Fat Brain Toys took the concept of the traditional Matryoshka doll, which nestles one doll inside another, to a whole new level by redesigning it as a fun and educational baby toy. The Oombee Ball is a set of four brightly coloured, highly textured spheres that are just right for a baby to handle. All the balls open up (except the smallest one) so that one sphere can nestle perfectly inside another. In addition, the spheres are safely tethered together in a delightfully wobbly row so that your baby can safely play with them for hours. The spheres are made of the highest quality of materials, and they are constructed to last.

Oombee Balls and child development: Grasping the basics

Your baby will be busy exploring the world around her during the second half of her first year of life. She will be attracted by exciting new colours and textures, and she'll develop basic motor skills when picking up, placing, and replacing objects. She will build upon these initial movements later when she needs to grasp and manipulate everyday things such as household items, zippers and buttons, tools, paper and crayons, and so on. 

Vivid colors

Introduce and reinforce colours with the Oombee Ball. Each connected ball is brightly coloured to visually engage your baby, allowing you the opportunity to teach her the name of the current colour she holds in her hand. Motor skills and spatial abilities develop concurrently as she handles each coloured sphere, associates it with the sound of its colour name, and places it where it needs to go. 

Varied textures

Whether the ball she has in her hand has grooves in the shape of ripples, lines, swirls, or dots, your baby will spend hours of enjoyment exploring the unique texture of each sphere. In this way, giving your six-month-old an Oombee Ball is an ideal method for developing her sense of touch.

Spatial reasoning 

Inspired by the traditional Russian nesting dolls, Oombee Balls allow tiny hands the opportunity to place one ball easily within the other. By completing this important task, your baby develops a sense of spatial relationships as she figures out how each sphere fits into its home. She'll also get a visual on the uniquely shaped grooves on each sphere, which will help her recognize geometric shapes later on.

Object permanence: A growing awareness of things

Finally, much like the game of peek-a-boo, your child will learn to make the ball go away and come back as she puts it inside its containing sphere. In other words, your baby learns about object permanence -- a key concept for understanding that things exist in the real world regardless of whether they are out of sight, out of hearing, or out of reach.  

As a leading educational toy company, at Kidzinc we're dedicated to sourcing safe, engaging, and enjoyable toys for young minds. We're the experts on assisting parents with helping their kids develop the abilities and talents they will use for a lifetime through books, puzzles, games, toys, and interactive play.

For more information on the Oombee Ball by Fat Brain Toys and how it can help your baby learn during her/his first year of life, please contact us.

Or, you can simply purchase the Oombee Ball by clicking the link here

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