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The Benefits of Playing with Plus-Plus Blocks

Posted on July 09, 2021 by Lubica Misevski

The Benefits of Playing with Plus-Plus Blocks Blog by KidzInc Australia

Plus-Plus Blocks offer hours of exciting play for kids. If your child can imagine it, they can build it! Plus-Plus Blocks come in a variety of packs, from a neon pack filled with different colours to allow your child a world of creativity to building packs that will help give your child a place to start as they work on a variety of different projects, including robots, mermaids, and princesses. For smaller hands, Plus-Plus Big can offer amazing creative problem-solving and building fun. 

Plus-Plus Blocks are an incredible STEM toy that offer many advantages to your young learners. 

Encourage Fine Motor Skills

Whether you're offering Plus-Plus Big to your 1 to 6-year-old children or pulling out a regular Plus-Plus Blocks kit for older kids, including kids ranging from 5-12, they're ideal for encouraging fine motor skills, which are critical for a child's overall development, progress, and even school success.  Fine motor skills are vital for writing or engaging in a variety of artistic activities--and Plus-Plus Blocks are designed to help encourage them. They provide encouragement for children to sit down and put together small pieces in a variety of shapes. As their fine motor skills improve, they'll be able to put together more complex designs, which can help feed their desire to further improve those skills. 

Build Spatial Awareness

Like fine motor skills, spatial awareness is vital for growing children. Plus-Plus Blocks fit together in a variety of ways, snapping together to form fantastic sculptures of anything your child can imagine. In order to put together those amazing constructions, however, your child will need to learn how the Blocks interact with one another to form those shapes and patterns. 

Spatial awareness can help your child learn how to interact with his entire environment. He'll learn how small pieces fit together, what elements make them work together, and how to manipulate them in order to achieve his goals--and he'll do it all with one easy-to-master toy that will encourage creative thinking. 

Build Creativity

Each Plus-Plus pack comes with idea cards that can help get your child started down that creative journey, but the uses for each block kit do not stop there. Through interaction with Plus-Plus Blocks, your child can build better creative skills. Plus-Plus Blocks offer a huge range of creative options. Your child can then take that creativity to other areas of his life, including school, home, and even future work opportunities. 

Enhance Problem-Solving Capability

Plus-Plus Blocks can be manipulated into a wide range of shapes and patterns, but it takes time and effort to learn how to manipulate them. Not only does that require creativity, it requires problem-solving capability--and it teaches it in a way that is fun and exciting for your child. As she puts together Plus-Plus Blocks in a variety of shapes, buildings, and constructions, your child will become increasingly adept at managing problems and figuring out how to address them quickly. That enhanced problem-solving capability can help your child feel more confident when addressing future issues and problems, provide her with the patience needed to stick it out when she's struggling, and build her willingness to try creative solutions, even when, on the surface, they don't seem to work as well as she had first hoped--because that creative solution could be just around the bend.

If you're looking for an excellent STEM toy to help encourage creativity and build your child's skills, Plus-Plus Blocks offer a wide range of opportunities to explore. Check out our extensive collection of options today to learn more about how they can benefit your child.

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