Engaging Early: Importance of STEM Education Through Play

Engaging Early: Importance of STEM Education Through Play

Posted on April 10, 2019 by Lubica Misevski


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With the world constantly changing and becoming more complex, it's crucial now more than ever for young kids to grasp STEM concepts. STEM learning focuses kid's attention on science, technology, engineering, and math to build critical thinking skills and gain a greater sense of curiosity. It's never too early to start implementing STEM, starting as early as infants! 

Specially engineered educational STEM toys allow babies and children to think outside of the box, evaluate information, and figure out the solution on their own using a fun hands-on approach. This knowledge will not only help children excel in school but will also help better prepare them for their adult lives.

Benefits of Encouraging STEM Early

Sparks Creativity

STEM learning leads to innovation and new ideas. Think of all the exciting technology we've created throughout the years, the powerful human mind created it. Without this type of creativity, this new technology would not exist! Future generations will thrive by starting STEM early and coming up with new, great ideas all on their own.

Encourages Experimentation

Taking risks can lead to great outcomes. Without these risks, we wouldn't have most of the technology and products we use today. These types of innovations were created by people who live by the motto, "let's try it and see what happens!". Encouraging this type of attitude right from the womb will allow kids to be more confident in experimenting and taking positive risks during many events throughout their lives.

Teaches Problems-Solving Skills

STEM learning helps kids see the problem and then create a solid plan to solve that problem using critical thinking skills. For example, if a toddler is placing a block on his tower and it keeps falling, they will continue trying other locations to place it until it stays put. Solving the problem all on their own will build self-confidence too.

Teaches Adaptation Importance

As adults, we know that life includes a lot of trial and error. Young kids have to learn this on their own. STEM education helps teach kids how to adapt to different scenarios as they try to find a solution.

Creates Resilient Humans

Failure is an important lesson that humans have to learn. By providing kids with a safe play environment, they can fail comfortably and simply try again. No shame or judgment is involved. The value of failing is a great learning experience to embrace early on in kids' lives. It will create incredible resilience which will encourage your child to keep going when the going gets rough! Failure ultimately leads to success later on.

Lifelong Love of Learning

STEM is all about motivation, engagement, and real-world inspiration. There is a purpose behind every play session or activity, and it simply makes sense for kids! Deeper learning and engagement leads to a better understanding of concepts which results in an eagerness to learn more. Having a love for school can make all the difference in your child's life.

STEM Ideas for Infants-Preschoolers

Children are born naturally curious about the world around them, so it's crucial that we give them lots of different opportunities to learn through play. By providing innovative play at home, your child's STEM education can begin as early as you'd like! Real life objects such as a water bottle, textured paper, or even an apple can be great objects for your young child to explore (with close supervision).

Educational STEM toys are specifically engineered for your child to figure them out. Building blocks, gravity mazes, marble runs, magnets, suspension games, and wooden blocks are all terrific open-ended learning games just to name a few. For toddlers and preschoolers, baking can be a great STEM activity including them in the process of measuring, pouring, mixing, and baking to create a delicious end product. Another great real-world STEM application is a trip to a science museum or zoo! STEM learning doesn't have to be accomplished solely through textbooks later on in life, get your young kids excited about STEM toys and other hands-on opportunities today!

Kidzinc is dedicated to developing young minds through the power of play. We provide an impressive amount of STEM toys specifically for babies, preschoolers and older kids. Don't wait another day to help encourage your child to learn through the power of STEM!

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