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The Best Educational Toys for Your Toddlers

Posted on August 01, 2021 by Lubica Misevski

Educational Toys for Toddlers

When you choose an educational toy for your toddler, you are choosing to develop life longs skills. Educational toys for kids develop math skills, emotional skills, playing skills, hand-eye coordination and more.

Why do we give children toys? It's not just to see their beautiful smiling faces. It's also because children learn something from toys - quite a few somethings.

A learning toy is more than just a toy. It is a life long gift. There is no greater pleasure than watching your child develop. From baby to 18 months, to older kids we have something for every age group and developmental area.

The lessons of early childhood are learned with the senses, fingers, and imagination. Children need to get their hands into everything to learn from it. They need to roll cars, stack blocks, to drop things and watch them fall. 

So what are the best educational toys for your toddler? You want to fill your nursery with toys they will love to play with and will learn from organically each day. Here are some of our favourites based on what they teach through natural play:

Early Childhood Learning Activities with Baby Toys

Young toddlers learn the basics of the world around them through toys. Simple toys teach the elements of an object like colour, shape, and the sound it makes when it falls. As play becomes more complex and imaginative, children learn how the real world relates to their thoughts and vice versa. 

Basic Colours and Shapes

Every baby should have a toy that teaches them the colours, with a full colour wheel and the names to learn. Some repeat the colours, some provide interactive play. The Dimpl Digits toy is a beautiful example of a baby colour wheel that is also a bubble sensory toy.

Anatomy and Similarity

Children aren't just nurturing when they play with baby dolls, they are learning about people and how we relate to each other. At first, a baby doll is a friend with similar anatomy and a different face. The Wee Baby Stella is a perfect starter doll for young toddlers as their new best friend and baby. Stella even has her own binky.

Even before children have siblings, they can have a baby doll friend. Dressing the doll, holding the doll, and even tossing it around will teach your child about anatomy and similarity in people.

Fantasy and Physics

Imagination games and physics lessons seem to go hand-in-hand for young children. Block play is essential, but so are vehicles. Baby's first train sets and construction trucks give them the chance to imagine new worlds and adventures - and to roll their toy cars down block ramps. Children will learn fine motor skills, physics, and learn to imagine adventures with their cars and trains of circus animals to play with.

Games for Logic and Fine Motor Learning

Sensory learning quickly turns to manipulation and fine motor skills. This is where toddler toys develop into logic games, puzzles, and fine-motor challenges. One of the best sensory starter toys for teaching logic and manipulation skills is Djeco's Lockbasic wooden puzzle. This puzzle has three different kinds of latches attached to a hinged wooden puzzle toy with animals by shape and colour hidden inside.

For more manipulation games, explore the delightful Gears & Cogs Busy Bee learning puzzle. Children can build a network of cheerful gears and cogs that turn each other using gear puzzle pieces and a board of posts sized just right for gears of various diameters to be placed. Children can build machine after machine with this simple yet fascinating toy.

For gravity fun, try a toddler's marble game. Simple marble run games are delightful and from there, you can advance your toddler's marble skills and possibilities with fun pieces like spinning pinwheels, trap doors, and more.

Social and Big Motor Skills

Games are an important part of toddler development, too. Parents often benefit from fun board games that help to structure the chaotic and giggle-filled way that toddlers play. Turn-taking and physical wiggle games are great for helping your little ones learn how to play socially and also practice their larger motor skills together in a group.

The Monkey Around game by Peaceable Kingdom has fun cards with prompts for silly wiggly actions. When the action is complete, the player places their card on the monkey tree game board to win.

Or we have these beautiful new wooden toys from Djeco.

Creation and Re-Creation

Finally, creation toys are an essential part of teaching your toddler to realize the potential of their own actions. Equip your toddler with multi-coloured modelling dough and see what happens. The fantastic creatures, towering cities, and clay families that form will show you how your toddler is learning to translate their thoughts into real-world actions and creations. A child who learns to play creative games will be more confident, creative, and a self-starter in their teens and adulthood.

Looking for the perfect educational toys for your toddler and beyond? We have a huge range of educational toys that teach as they play, so it should be no surprise that we have a wide range of beautiful toys that we'd love to share with you.

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