Tobbles Neo: The Stacking, Spinning, Tumbling, Toppling Toy For Babies

Tobbles Neo: The Stacking, Spinning, Tumbling, Toppling Toy For Your Tot!

Posted on April 16, 2019 by Lubica Misevski

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Have you been searching for a toy certain to capture your baby's attention while helping his/her brain development? Do you have a mischievous baby looking to explore everything? Are traditional toys too loud, not engaging, or lack developmental opportunity for your baby?

Look no further than the Tobbles Neo; a stacking, toppling, wobbling, spinning, balancing toy perfect for satiating curious minds and hands!

The Tobbles Neo is a six-piece weighted sphere toy, sitting atop a base. Dual-coloured with a unique texture, this toy keeps baby engaged and exploring everything it can do--and the possibilities are limitless! Let your baby flip and flop the spheres every which way, or spin them one by one. Knock them down and start all over again; the simplicity of the Tobbles Neo is a welcome invitation to timeless play!

Spheres are quality constructed, made of ABS plastic and thoroughly safety tested, allowing your baby to play endlessly while giving you the peace of mind you should expect from Fat Brain Toys.

Babies are like sponges, they absorb everything, including educational information. During a baby's first year, meaningful, play-based education cannot be more important. Teaching your baby things such as the utilisation of fine motor skills, coordination, and sensory activities are just a few of the very important skills babies should be learning and flexing at every opportunity possible.

The utilisation of fine motor skills are methodical, coordinated, and intentional movements engaging the hands, fingers, wrists, feet, and toes. The utilisation of fine motor skills as infants build onto more advanced usages, such as writing and holding a pencil as your child gets older. By spinning and wobbling the spheres on the Tobbles Neo, your child can begin to practice using their fine motor skills while squealing with delight.

Overall coordination is an important skill for babies to develop, however, starting small by working on hand-eye coordination is a simple and effective way to begin introducing coordination. Stacking the sphere on the base is an excellent task in exercising that coordination. The repetitive activity can teach your baby to intentionally touch and grasp items to complete a certain task while the inviting shape and colour of the spheres can help to entice baby.

Sensory activities are a crucial part of child development. Hands-on learning is both enjoyable and educational for babies as they take charge of their learning at their own pace, choosing things they want to experience. Allow ample opportunity for baby to explore inside, outside, and with a variety of toys, household items, and the like. Four out of five senses--sight, taste, touch, and sound--can be satisfied with the Tobbles Neo. Allow baby to enjoy the different shades of colours on each sphere while she feels the smooth plastic under her fingers, then the pointy ridges up top. Because the Tobbles Neo is made of high-quality plastic, nibbling on the spheres can be a great learning experience by feeling the texture on the gums and tasting the material (which is much different than milk or pureed peas, as baby will soon find out!)

The Tobbles Neo is a multi-use toy for babies ages six months and older. It has won a variety of awards, wow-ing parents and toddlers across the board for years.

2013 Toy of the Year – Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair
ASTRA's Best Toys for Kids Award 2012
Parents' Choice Silver Award 2012

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