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Some of the Best Educational Toys for 8 Year Olds | KidzInc

Posted on October 11, 2021 by Mathew Slavica

educational toys for 8 year olds

What is the perfect gift for a unique and explorative eight-year-old? We have put this selection together as we know age recommendations are useful for kids and adults alike.

No two 8-year-olds are the same. By the time your child turns eight, they are rapidly becoming their own individual person with strong opinions and an ever-changing sense of style. 

They take on big-kid school, learn interesting real-world subjects, and form their first opinions about the world. 

Every day, they try on new thoughts and ideas the same way they try on costumes. Anything they try might be their career in the future, which is why now is the perfect time for inspirational STEM games and science kits.

Eight-year-olds love interesting new board games that use facts they learned in school. 

They love handicrafts that turn into something useful or beautiful and experiments where they get hands-on with science. This year, introduce your unique explorer to one of these tremendous inventive and STEM toys inspired games and activity kits.

This gift guide includes many award winners and includes some brilliant toys for kids.


Planet - The "Board" Game

Educational Toys 8 Year Olds - Planet Board Game

Have you ever thought, "If I designed the planet, I would have..."? Well, now you can. PLANET is an award-winning strategy "board" game that starts with each player holding a magnetic-sided decagon representing your planet. 

As you play the game, each player builds their own planet by choosing magnetic "continent" tiles that define each side of their decagon planet. Win animal cards and complete natural habitat quests to construct the most bio-diverse and balanced world and win the game.

This is a game eight-year-olds will play for months of unique play sessions alone, with siblings and friends, and with interested adults. 

The game pieces are beautiful and indeed evoke the feeling of creating natural biomes and ecosystems through gameplay. Eight-year-olds who like science, nature, space, and animals will all delight in building their own planets again and again.

A great addition to family game night, and teaches kids about science, space, nature and critical thinking skills.


Tobbie the Robot Building Kit

Educational Toys 8 Year Olds - Tobbie

Children who love robotics, building, and electronics will love the opportunity to build their own Tobbie robot. 

The set includes 70 pieces and instructions to guide children 8 and up to put it all together. Not only will the initial construction be an incredible dive into STEM engineering skills, but they have also built themselves a friend. 

Tobbie's computer chip guides a robot with emotional complexity and builds a personality before your child's eyes. 

Give your eight-year-old an early experience with AI in action and put the power of science in their talented little hands. Many children will love their robot pet so much they'll want to build another one. 

Tobbie can inspire any child to see the potential in science and hands-on engineering.


12-in-1 Solar and Hydraulic Construction Kit (Hydraulic Tinker Toys)

12 in 1 Solar Robot - Educational Toys 8 Yrs

Some children build like they were born to it. They fit every gear and shaft and lego plate they can find into new constructions every day. 

If your eight year old loves legos and tinker toys, give them a tech-level upgrade with the 12-in-1 Solar and Hydraulic Construction Kit. The title is a mouthful, but the kit speaks for itself. 

This kit can build countless walking and articulating robots that move on their own using solar power and tiny hydraulic pistons.

Give your eight-year-old a taste of mechanical engineering and green energy innovation. 

They can build a monkey, t-rex, bird, car, elephant, crocodile, and many more creative mechanical designs using delightful sets of gears, levers, and hydraulic controls. This is a gift that will be built and rebuilt all year long.


Deluxe Kitchen Science Kit by STEAM Powered Kids

Educational Toys 8 Yrs - Deluxe Kitchen

Every eight-year-old loves kitchen science. There's something extraordinary about combining household stuff into cool science projects, from dying eggs with food colouring to baking soda volcanos. 

The Deluxe Kitchen Science Kit is an excellent collection of supplies and guidebooks to do all sorts of kitchen-safe experiments, some of them even useful or tasty. STEAM powered kids is an entire line of toys based on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

This kit includes making rock candy, getting power from oranges, putting bubbles into prisms, creating a mini weather system, using chemistry to shoot nerf rockets, and more.

The kit contains over 30 unique experiments and an easy to learn guidebook that can be followed with renewed supplies to repeat the show for friends and siblings. 

Eight-year-olds love hands-on gifts they can learn from and show off their learning.

STEM games can not only entertain your third-grader but also inspire their future class and career choices as they discover what real-world skills are the most fun and interesting. This holiday season is an opportunity to introduce your little explorer to a new glimpse at applied science and technology for fun.

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