Create Your Own World With the Planet Board Game By Blue Orange Games

Create Your Own World With the Award-Winning Planet Board Game By Blue Orange Games

Posted on August 23, 2019 by Lubica Misevski

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Ready for a game that's out of this world? The new PLANET board game by Blue Orange Games is like nothing you've ever seen before. This game of strategy allows players to create a world of their own design and compete for the greatest planet. From the best ecosystem to the largest animal population, players use STEM problem solving and math skills to design the winning planet. Winner of four awards, including 2019 Mensa Select, 2019 ASTRA Best Toys for Kids, 2019 Dice Tower Seal of Excellence, and Casual Game Revolution Recommendation, the PLANET board game is an innovative and unique adventure!


The goal of PLANET is to create the perfect world to beat out your competitors. Players each start with a 12-sided 3-dimensional planet core for which they design the ideal habitat using various landscape tiles and then populate with animals. Players learn about habitats and ecosystems, as well as the animals that inhabit them. Utilizing math skills and problem-solving tactics, players compete for the perfect planet, while also learning valuable lessons about the planet on which they live.


Players begin with a 12-sided core and take 12 turns selecting landscape tiles for each side. They can choose from 50 continent tiles depicting oceans, deserts, mountains, and tundras to create the perfect ecosystem for wildlife to thrive. Using one of five Natural Habitat Objective Cards, and drawing from 45 Animal Cards, players win animals to fill their habitat, with the goal of developing the most populated planet. Critical thinking is involved in selecting the right ecosystems and populating the landscape with animals that can survive there. A mathematical strategy is engaged as well, as players seek to use their 12 tiles to their advantage.


Blue Orange Games recommends the PLANET board game for players age 8 and older. The level of strategy and problem solving is best suited for kids with some basic math skills mastered. But don't be surprised if the younger ones also enjoy playing with the game. Building the planets and arranging the tiles is fun for kids of any age. And teens and adults will also enjoy the challenge, as well as the lovely design. The striking images of sea creatures, land animals, oceans, and forests are captivating to the eye, and capture everyone's imagination. Who wouldn't love to design their own world, especially if winning is at stake?


Counting, planning, strategizing, and problem-solving are tangible math skills that PLANET greatly enhances while kids think they are just having fun! PLANET also engages their scientific minds, teaching about habitat, survival, ecosystems, and population proliferation. The PLANET board game has a unique propensity to teach players skills while also informing them about their own world. Learning which animals thrive in which climates engages their awareness about survival and extinction and expands their STEM curiosity. While they're adding up Animal Cards to beat their opponent, they're learning math skills along the way.


Every year, hundreds of Mensans gather to play and rate all of the new games of the year. Only 5 games receive the seal of Mensa Selection, making it quite a distinction. Games are chosen for an original concept, challenge level, and design, but must also be affordable, easy to understand and play, and above all else, lots of fun! So the Mensa Selection of the PLANET board game means you are making an excellent choice. The smartest minds in the world have chosen PLANET as a game with enduring concepts, educational value, and thrilling player experience. So pick up your PLANET board game today and start conquering the universe, one ecosystem at a time!

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