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How to Pick Educational Toys for 7 Year Olds | KidzInc

Posted on October 11, 2021 by Mathew Slavica

Educational Toys for 7 Year Olds

Seven-year-olds are at that brilliant age where they are ready to make their mark on the world around them. Seven-year-olds love to decorate their rooms with things they've made and chosen.

They love craft projects that make something that lasts, not just something that's pretty. Seven-year-olds are getting interested in world topics and future career ideas.

They're dreaming of becoming teachers, artists, veterinarians, scientists, and dinosaur wranglers. Their fine motor skills are advanced, and brain teasers grab their interest, and it is not hard to build a gift guide for them if you are us 😃. 

What is the best kind of gift for a first grader this holiday season or a special birthday?

Give them something educational and hands-on that will last. Craft kits are a big hit at seven because there's so much to do, and the results can be used as toys and decorations after they're finished.

They also love board games and puzzles that can be replayed to reach new challenges and games that can be played with new friends from school. Here are our top picks for great seven-year-old gift ideas this year!


Origami Make-Your-Own Room Lights

Origami Make-Your-Own Room Lights

Creative seven-year-olds love to decorate their rooms with their own creations. Paint a chalkboard wall and watch the murals unfold.

Build flat-pack furniture together, and they'll say "I built that" every time a friend gets a tour of their room. This is why we love the Room Lights Origami craft set by 4M for children who are brilliant and creative seven-year-olds this year.

First, kids can tackle the fun of learning how to make all sorts of pretty origami shapes.

These include flowers, hearts, strawberries, and butterflies. It comes with paper and instructions for each shape but, even better is what happens next.

Then you take the string of lights and pop an origami piece onto each little bulb, making a glowing paper lantern that your seven-year-old folded themselves!

Your little one will love this gift and be proud of their work every time they see their twinkling bedroom lights.


Qwirkle Creative Board Game



Qwirkle is a fun game young children can play alone or together in groups. The tiles are painted wood, and the rules are simple.

Each tile is painted black with a colourful shape. There are five colours and five shape types.

Children must match the shape or colour of the already-laid tile they select to place a new tile.

This pattern-building game results in endless combinations of colour and shape based rows that look like a geometric cross-word puzzle as the game progresses. 

Children can play solo, with an adult, or with a group of friends, learning cognitive thinking, problem-solving, cooperation, and applied mathematics.

This board game is an excellent addition to the family game cupboard or can live on your seven-year-old's own toy shelf to be pulled down every time there are fifteen minutes to spare and some new patterns to match.

This is an amazing, interactive game for kids. Better than video games, in our opinion


Build-Your-Own Solar Powered Robot

Educational Toys - Rover Robot

What a building kit! Rover is a hybrid solar-powered robot that can also run on batteries that kids love.

When the sun shines, Rover starts to roll, showing that he is converting the sun's energy into electricity that a robot can use.

But wait, there's more. Rover isn't a prefabricated plastic toy that beeps and moves a little; it's a robot your seven-year-old can build for themselves.

This solar toy uses basic instructions to inspire early STEM learning and empower children to realize their own technological capabilities.

Put the power of gears, wheels, and the sun's energy into the hands of your seven-year-old as they learn that they, too, can be engineers and scientists with the right tools and a little hard work.

Science kits are great, but building your own robot does not get much better!


Coggy Brainteaser Puzzle Game

Educational Toys for 7 Year Olds - Coggy


Coggy is one of the best portable non-board games for young children this year. Coggy is a click-together magnetic game of gears and puzzles.

Each piece fits to the others uniquely and can fold into new shapes and puzzle machines.

The cards that come with Coggy include challenge after challenge, ranging from easy to crazy-difficult, to inspire cognitive development every time your seven-year-old plays.

This game is designed to teach math, geometry, spatial learning, problem-solving and makes a great fidget-toy set to boot.

Seven-year-olds are wonderful to share a holiday with because they will dive into any gift that involves crafting, building, puzzle-solving, and taking charge of their environment.

Give your seven-year-old or the brilliant child in your near family a gift they can play with (and learn from!) all year long.

If you are looking for our full list of gifts or the perfect gift for 7-year-olds, you can head here. 

If you have more than one age group to search for and want STEM toys or educational toys for kids, then you can head here or here.

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