How to Pick Educational Toys For Six-Year-Olds

How to Pick Educational Toys For Six-Year-Olds

Posted on October 11, 2021 by Mathew Slavica

educational toys for six year olds

What do you gift a six-year-old who loves all their toys from when they were five? Choosing the right gift can be challenging with the holidays coming up (or perhaps a birthday right around the corner).

Not because six-year-olds are hard to shop for (they're not!) but because six-year-olds love everything and have the potential to benefit from so many toys and games.

Whether you are looking for a building set, board game, or just a stocking stuffer, you will find it here, and they have all been independently selected by us to help teach kids fine motor skills, math skills, creativity, and so much more.

Instead of the usual cartoon-themed action figure, the perfect gift for an active, brilliant little six-year-old is a game that challenges them to think, explore, create, and be proud of what they've accomplished.

Six-year-olds are ready to do, learn, and create. They are prepared to put their art on the walls, make their own toys, and prove how smart they are again and again with puzzle games and higher scores.

Suppose you want to gift your six-year-old a present that will both entertain them all year and provide valuable early STEM benefits, fine motor, and critical thinking skills.

In that case, we have a few favourite toys and games that are a delight to see your first-grader master through creative play.

Our toys all have been selected for their educational benefit, and we have a large number of STEM Toys.


Genius Square Logic Puzzle Game

Educational Toys for 6 Year Olds - Genius Square

The Genius Square logic puzzle game is, well, genius. It's also designed to teach children problem-solving and geometric math skills early in their academic careers. The game starts as a 6x6 grid with letter and number coordinates.

Dice are rolled to determine where the seven blocker pieces are placed. Then each player (with their own grid) tries to figure out how to use their Tetris-like pieces to fill the square without hitting the blockers.

This geometric puzzle can be played many times with over 62,000 possible combinations for the blocker pieces alone.

If you want to give a gift that will inspire your little mathematician or future architect, the Genus Square game is a perfect game you can play together, or your first-grader can play solo for hours of fun.


Easy-to-Do Crochet Craft Kit

Educational Toys for Six Year Olds - Crochet

Six-year-olds love to create and not just to knock it down again. Six-year-olds want to see real results from their work and play with toys they make themselves or hang their new art on the walls.

They also love to learn new skills and to practice fine motor control by crafting with their hands. 

The Easy-to-Do Crochet kit is a great beginner craft project for little hands with safe, brightly coloured materials and a step by step guide.

Children can get started practising making flowers, then graduate to headbands, necklaces, pot holders, coozies, and much, much more!

If you want a wonderful gift for a creative and artistic six-year-old, the Crochet crafting kit is a fantastic gift that creates permanent projects - or you can unravel and start all over.


Zig & Go Musical Race Track

Educational Toys for 6 Year Olds

Making noise and playing with physics go hand-in-hand with the Zig & Go music set by Djeco. This fun 52 piece set is a track with multiple rollers and noisemakers.

There are metal marbles that pass a track of chimes, a hammer-car that hits a gong, and a bell car that dings as it rolls. There are dominos to knock over and drum sticks to drop.

If your six-year-old loves Home Alone, they'll adore this Rube Goldberg style music-making kit, and so will you.

Zig & Go offers hours of play, but, more importantly, it introduces STEM style science experimentation and physics play long before your little one's first science lab.

This is a fantastic multi-piece musical playset for a six-year-old who loves to set up experiments with household items.


Door Pong Indoor Game

Educational Toys for 6 Year Olds - Door Pong

Is your little one too energetic for indoor play? Some children love to move around, run, jump, bat, climb, and occasionally tumble over the household furniture.

They will crawl under, jump over, and knock over just about anything. You can harness that energy into hours of hand-eye coordination and gross motor development with a simple game called Door Pong.

Door pong hooks to the centre of a doorframe with a light, bouncy ping-pong ball on a string and two paddles. 

The best part is that the game is just a string, and you can set the string length. Easy to put up and easy to put down.

Set up your little one to bat at the string from a safe location. The ball always comes back, and, even better, this is a great toy for siblings to share.

A perfect toy gift for kids stuck indoors and great for rainy days.


Flower Garden Paper Craft Set

Educational Toys for 6 Year Olds - Flower Garden Paper Craft Set

Does your six-year-old love paper crafts and making beautiful art? The Flower Garden paper multi-craft set is an amazing arts & crafts gift for a six-year-old this year because it has so many projects to do that all turn out beautifully.

This kit includes paper flowers, watercolour paints, foam stamps, and pop-up paper crafts, all themed in an artistic garden style.

This gift teaches fine motor control and hand-eye coordination and inspires creative cognitive development for a first-grader who can't get enough construction papercrafts.

Don't be surprised if your little one starts making crafts in ways other than how they were intended. That's just a sign of their confidence and creativity growing.

If you are looking for gift guides or toys for 6-year olds that kids will love, then any of the above will be an excellent gift for kids. Our you can see the full collection of educational toys for 6 year olds here

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