How to Pick the Best Educational Toys for Four-Year-Olds

How to Pick the Best Educational Toys for Four-Year-Olds

Posted on October 11, 2021 by Mathew Slavica

educational toys for 4 year olds

There are few things more delightful than holidays with a four-year-old. There's nothing a four-year-old loves more than fun new games and family to play them with. Children at this age are challenging their brains with everything they can find. Four-year-olds love early STEM in the form of science projects, building, and games that involve increasing levels of early math, science. Some are creative and make art out of everything they play with, from finger paint to game tiles. Some are constructive and start building machines. 

The best gifts for a four-year-old are toys and games that ignite their cognitive learning for both solo pretend play and playing with others. Games designed around early STEM and creative exploration will be a hit not just with the toddler in your life but will also be fun for older family members to play along with, which is what your bright, interactive four-year-old wants most of all.


Geoform Wooden Magnet Set by Djeco

Educational Toys for Four Year Olds

Geometric shapes are fun to make pictures with, as every kid learns the first time they have a set of geometric tiles. Djeco introduces a fun and neat new way for young children to play with geometry with the Geoform Wooden Magnetic Set. Don't let the name fool you. 

This set is 42 colourful geometric shapes like squares, rectangles, triangles, half-circles and ring pieces in various sizes. The pieces are kept in a cute wooden portfolio and a magnetic canvas for 2D geometric creations. Your toddler can draw people, animals, buildings, and anything their imagination can discover out of simple shapes inspiring cognitive, creative, and early mathematical exploration.


Coko Programmable Crocodile Robot by Clementoni

Educational Toys for Four Year Olds - Coko Programmable Crocodile Robot

It's never too early to learn to program! The Coko Crocodile robot toy is the baby's first program writer. This crocodile has a long back that can take up to 8 tile directions and 15 direction tiles to choose from. Each tile has an arrow telling the crocodile to go straight, turn, stop, spin, or make a sound. It will also respond to its magnetic "food" piece making this a fun robotic pet for your little computer genius in the making.

Coko introduces four-year-olds to the concept of taking control through a sequence of commands. Like Uno only with robots, children set up a sequence of commands and hit the button on the crocodile's head to see it in action.


Bee Genius Game by The Happy Puzzle Company

Educational Toys for Four Year Olds - Bee Genius

In the Bee Genius board game, the child helps a queen bee to construct a new honeycomb for the hive. The worker bees are placed with a dice roll, and children can put their 11 coloured honeycomb pieces without spaces around the worker bees. This game has over 45,000 possible puzzle combinations for endless math and geometry fun. This non-competitive game was designed to help children develop early logic, math, and thinking skills and build self-confidence in their own abilities to solve puzzles with help and on their own.


Feed the Woozle by the Peaceable Kingdom

Educational Toys for Four Year Olds - Feed the Woozle

Feed the Woozle is a silly, cooperative game that kids can play together. The Woozle is a stand-up cartoon with a wide hungry mouth. How many snacks can your four-year-old "feed" the woozle with their scoop without dropping the snacks doing silly actions?

This game incorporates counting, following directions, fine motor skills, balance, language development, hand-eye coordination, and cooperative play. It combines it all with silly actions that will have your four-year-old giggling every time you play. The game itself by Peaceable Kingdom won several children's game awards for learning toy play and parents' choice.


1, 2, 3, Domino Math Game by Djeco

Educational Toys for Four Year Olds - Domino Math Game by Djeco


Four-year-olds love to show off how well they can count and do simple mathematical concepts, and the best way to do math as a pre-schooler is with pictures! The 1, 2, 3 Domino Math Game is an excellent way for four-year-olds to play alone, with each other, and with family to practice their early math and problem-solving skills. Colourful tiles feature numbers and pictures of birds, bugs, candies, and other little items in groups that match the numbers.

This is a game that will become a staple in your board game cupboard for years and makes a great holiday gift that your four-year-old kids will love to play once or twice with every relative who comes to visit.


Four-year-olds don't just love unwrapping the paper; they are old enough to love every great new game to play. If you're looking for gift ideas for a bright young pre-schooler in your life, educational games that inspire fine motor control and problem-solving will keep your four-year-old not just entertained but sharpening their minds with every replay.

We love finding educational toys for kids; since 2009, our mission at KidzInc has been to develop young minds. See the full collection of educational toys for four year olds

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